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All Breed Speciality

Dan Robillard Michael Bowra

Joan Spencely Terry Farrell


Closing Date For Entries is August 1, 2001 or when 200 entries are received.

Entries must use official CCA Entry Forms and be accompanied by all fees. No email entries accepted.

Faxed entries will be processed after exhibitor’s payment is received.

Make cheque or money order payable to:

Good Mews Cat Club.

All calls regarding entries will be made COLLECT.

Entry Clerk: Karen Miksza

32 – 1300 Ottawa St.

Hamilton, Ontario, L8W 1M8

905 575 9842, Fax 905 575 7838


Show Secretaries and Managers:

Hayley Boam Heather Garvie

471 Edgeworth Rd. 163 DeGrassie St.

Mississauga, Ontario, Toronto, Ontario,

L5A 1R6 M4M 2K8

905 279 4512 416 466 5960

Email Email


If you are interested in clerking for the show contact Kathy Balmer at 905-702-7688, or



Contact Sandra Runalls-Lichty at 519 853 4382, or


Sales Tables

10 foot table space and extra tables available,

Contact Hayley Boam (see above)

Entry Fees

Early Bird Special! Get your entry(ies) in (paid in full and received) before July 25, 2001 and take $5.00 off each entry.






For Registered Felines and Household Pets:



First Entry (includes catalogue)*



Second Entry*



Additional Entry*



* cats entered by same owner



Kittens must be 4 months or older









Additional Fees



Double cage.



End of row benching (medical reasons excepted)



Substitution fee (prior to printing of catalogue)



NSF cheques (non sufficient funds)



Sales cage (for exhibitors only)



Listing fee (payable to CCA)

$ 5


Marked catalogue

Marked with finals only




Catalogue Advertising Rates:



Business card



¼ page ad (camera ready)



½ page ad (camera ready)



Full page ad (camera ready)



Inside cover (camera ready)



Please Note:

a) Each entry is entitled to a single cage, approximately 24" x 24" x 27" in size

b) A double cage consists of a single cage plus the adjoining single cage obtained with an entry.

c) A sales cage is a single cage.

d) A limit of 1 cat or 2 kittens per single cage or 3 cats or 5 kittens per double cage.

e) Only a limited number of double and sales cages are available.




This show shall be sanctioned by the Canadian Cat Association and all its rules and regulations shall be maintained. A copy of the Show Rules and Classifications ($6.00) may be obtained from:

The Registrar,

Canadian Cat Association,

289 Rutherford Rd. S., Unit 18,

Brampton, Ontario.

L6W 3R9

No liability shall attain to the club conducting or sponsoring a show in the event of loss or damage to a cat or container. This applies to the Show Committee or to any individual member of the club.

Exhibitors are responsible for a correct description of their entries and must abide by their own errors. Cats wrongfully entered in a cat show cannot receive prizes in these classes except at the discretion of the Show Committee when an error is the exhibitors.

Suitable lodgings and directions to the show hall will accompany confirmation of entry(ies).

No cat may be withdrawn or entry fees withheld after the closing date of the show.

Failure of payment for entries disqualifies the exhibitor and all his/ her cats from future sanctioned shows until all debts are paid to the club(s) involved.

Exhibitors are permitted to withdraw their cats under any judge(s) officiating at the show, PROVIDED it is stated at the TIME OF ENTRY.

The club reserves the right to substitute judges.

Listed Entries: All cats entered in Championship. Premiership, or Kitten classes must be registered with CCA, with the exception of listed entries. Kittens may be entered with a CCA litter registration number. Listed entries must have a CCA listing number in order to be entered. A listing number must be obtained from the CCA office by sending $5.00 along with the name of the cat, registration number from the other registry, the name of the host club, and the date of the show to be entered. The entry must be registered within 60 days of the show. The show entry form and entry fee must be sent to the Entry Clerk, who will hold it until notified by the CCA with the listing number. At such time the entry will be processed provided that entries have not closed. Please note that each listing fee is only applicable for one show weekend.

Household Pets: Must be 4 months of age or older. Cats 8 months or older MUST be neutered or spayed. DECLAWED cats, however, may not enter any class in the show. Household Pets will be judged in four rings.

Cats/Kittens for Sale: To sell a cat or kitten at the show, you must be an exhibitor and have paid for a ‘sales cage’. Please note the limits on the number of cats/ kittens per single or double cages. Owners MUST have a CCA litter registration on hand to verify the age of kittens upon request. Failure to comply with these limits or to produce such verification, upon request, will result in the owner being required to leave the show hall taking along ALL his or her cats/ kittens.

This is a Non-Vetted Show: Each cat or kitten entered is expected to have current vaccinations and to be free from fleas, ear mites, fungus, and disease (see Article 7, Sections 1 & 2.) All claws must be clipped prior to benching. U.S. exhibitors are reminded that proof of current rabies inoculation is required in order to enter Canada. Any cat that is found to be ill will be removed from the show hall along with any other cats, in the show hall, with which the cat has traveled.

Scoring: All kitten, championship, and premiership entries will be scored for All Canadian and Regional Awards. Household Pets will be scored for Regional Awards.

Food and Litter: Litter will be available. Food will be available for exhibitors and spectators in the show hall.

Exhibitor Check-in: Check in time for the show, with the Entry Clerk, is between 7:30 A.M. to 8:30 A.M.. Judging will begin at 9:00 A.M. sharp. Show hours are from 9:00 A.M until 5:00 P.M.. To leave the show hall early you MUST have permission from the Show Manager in order not to forfeit any show wins. Show hall directions and hotel accommodations will be sent out with confirmation of entries.

Novice Exhibitors: For your protection, all cats should be brought to the show hall in carriers. Be sure to bath and groom your cat a day or two prior to the show so that you are able to present him or her in the best possible condition. Be sure to bring grooming aids, litter pan, food dishes, and cage curtains. Curtains can consist of bath towels, decorated boards, or other material (not transparent) plus a mat, towel, or other soft material for the cage floor. Please indicate that you are a novice exhibitor on your entry form so the club can provide you with extra assistance.